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  • Lesti - Egois | Official Video Clip

    Lesti - Egois Official Clip

    Added:29-12-2016 & UploadBy:Trinity Optima Production
  • Lesti, Indonesia - Keramat (D'Academy Asia 10 Besar Group A Result)

    Lesti, Indonesia - KeramatD.Academy Asia 10 Besar Group A Result.

    Added:16-12-2015 & UploadBy:Indosiar
  • Lesti - Buka Mata Hati | Official Video Klip

    Lesti - Buka Mata Hati Official Klip

    Added:27-04-2017 & UploadBy:3D Entertainment
  • Inilah 12 lagu yang membawa Lesti ke puncak kesuksesan di ajang kontes dangdut D'Academy

    Inilah 12 lagu yang membawa Lesti ke puncak kesuksesan di ajang kontes dangdut D.Academy

    Added:19-05-2017 & UploadBy:RMH channel88
  • Lesti D'Academy - Kejora (D'Academy Asia 2)

    Lesti D.Academy - KejoraD.Academy Asia 2.

    Added:05-12-2016 & UploadBy:Indosiar
  • Lesti, Indonesia - Nirmala (Konser Kemenangan D'Academy Asia)

    Lesti, Indonesia - NirmalaKonser Kemenangan D.Academy Asia.

    Added:30-12-2015 & UploadBy:Indosiar
  • Lesti, Indonesia - Payung Hitam (D'Academy Asia Top 15 Result)

    Lesti, Indonesia - Payung HitamD.Academy Asia Top 15 Result.

    Added:03-12-2015 & UploadBy:Indosiar
  • Lesti, Indonesia - Jera (D'Academy Asia Group C 20 Besar)

    Lesti, Indonesia - JeraD.Academy Asia Group C 20 Besar.

    Added:24-11-2015 & UploadBy:Indosiar
  • Siti Nurhaliza dan Lesti DA - Kejora (Golden Memories Intenational)

    Siti Nurhaliza dan Lesti DA - KejoraGolden Memories Intenational.

    Added:13-01-2017 & UploadBy:Indosiar
  • Lesti - Kejora | Official Video Klip

    Lesti - Kejora Official Klip

    Added:04-09-2014 & UploadBy:Trinity Optima Production

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